Mar 24, 2022 • 8M

Episode 1.2 | DEI FAQ

Answers to some of your questions about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Nicci Kadilak
Nicci interviews residents, business and nonprofit owners, and candidates for office representing Burlington at the local or state level.
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Hello, hello.

I’ve been working on a new podcast for you for awhile now. I recorded it weeks ago, to be honest, but (1) there was a stump grinder outside my window all morning as I was trying to record, and (2) the recording came out more as a lecture and less like a conversation. Yes, yes, it’s hard to have a conversation with just me! But I think the extra time I had to think and work on this helped.

Instead of a free-form story, I decided to form this post as a FAQ. This podcast is far from a complete course on DEI, but I do answer some very common questions:

  • Does everything have to be about race/DEI?

  • Why isn’t it enough to just treat each other with respect?

  • If equity and inclusion are an issue in Burlington, why aren’t I hearing about it?

  • Even if it is a problem, what can I, or what can leadership, do about it?

In the episode, I reference this article I wrote on DEI in Burlington. I hope you listen and share. Feel free to comment or email me with your thoughts. Also, I’d love some more podcast ideas! After the election, I plan to interview some of our neighbors, so topics of conversation and suggestions for who to interview are welcome!

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Recorded at BCAT’s Podcast Studio - Thanks, BCAT!

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