Oct 1, 2022 • 33M

Burlington Works | Water

DPW Director John Sanchez gives us the scoop on Burlington's water past, present, and future

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Nicci interviews residents, business and nonprofit owners, and candidates for office representing Burlington at the local or state level.
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I meant to take a nice photo at the interview, but I forgot - so this dimly-lit selfie will have to do. Nicci with DPW Director John Sanchez at the 9/29 Beer Garden. Photo credit reluctantly claimed by author.


Hello and welcome back to Burlington Buzz on the Mic!

I was really excited to host this episode with Burlington Department of Public Works Director, John Sanchez. John has been in his role for 15 years and was very generous in answering my mountain of reader questions in a way that really tied together the whole conversation about water in Burlington - both its availability and its usability.

On the show, we answer questions about:

  • The history of where our water comes from, how that’s changed over time, and where we’re headed

  • What’s going on with the construction at Mill Pond

  • Whether or not water restrictions will still be in place after our MWRA connection is complete

I hope you learn as much from this conversation as I did. Do you have any lingering questions? Comment on the post or reply to the email!

Episode Notes:

This episode was made possible by Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic, specializing in treating complex chronic conditions and restoring patients’ quality of life. Call them at 781-221-0162 and mention Burlington Buzz for a free consultation!

We recorded at BCAT’s Podcast Studio—Thanks, BCAT!

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