Oct 21, 2022 • 40M

Burlington Perspectives | No on CPA

Long-time resident, John Iler, shares his perspective on why CPA is not right for Burlington

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Nicci Kadilak
Nicci interviews residents, business and nonprofit owners, and candidates for office representing Burlington at the local or state level.
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Hi and welcome back to the podcast!

Today I talk with John Iler, who explains why he plans to vote no on Question 5, on whether or not Burlington should join the Community Protection Act. Last week I spoke with Jonathan Sachs of Yes CPA Burlington to learn more about the CPA and why he and the rest of the committee believe it’s right for Burlington. Take a listen to that episode here.

I hope you enjoy this pair of companion podcasts and learn something helpful going into Election Day.

Do you have questions or concerns not addressed in the interview? Comment on the post or reply to the email!

Don’t forget to vote so your voice can be heard on this and all the statewide issues and offices on the ballot this November. Mail-in voting is happening now; early in-person voting runs from October 22 to November 4; Election Day is November 8.

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This show was made possible by Kadilak Realty Group.

We recorded at BCAT’s Podcast Studio - Thanks, BCAT!

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