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Burlington Perspectives Episode 1 | Wayne Higden
Burlington Perspectives Episode 1 | Wayne Higden
Join us for a conversation about the evolution of Burlington
Here I am, posing awkwardly with Wayne in the studio after a lovely conversation. Photo by author.


Thanks so much for joining us for a new facet of Burlington Buzz on the Mic.

Burlington Perspectives aims to be a monthly podcast where I interview local folks from all different backgrounds and get their take on the past, present, and future of our town.

Wayne Higden is our first guest. Wayne has been living in Burlington since before the mall, before Rte 3, before he could even form memories! After joining the Air Force, serving in Vietnam, and living all around the world, he came back to Burlington and currently lives just a mile from his boyhood home on Francis Wyman.

Join us as we chat about everything from industrial manufacturing to Burlington’s 225th birthday to the “bring me solutions, not problems” mindset.

Do you have any other questions for Wayne? Leave them in the comments! He might just come around and answer them.

Episode Notes:

Recorded at BCAT’s Podcast Studio - Thanks, BCAT!

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