What is Burlington Buzz?

The Buzz is your Burlington-in-a-minute read, connecting you to your community daily.

Burlington Buzz is a daily online hyperlocal news publication and 3-minute email newsletter serving Burlington, Massachusetts. Founded in February of 2022, the Buzz has quickly grown to be a trusted source for news and information about local government and current events in Burlington.

We deliver news that’s important to you in a way that’s easy to understand—and even enjoyable!

At Burlington Buzz, we value curiosity, connection, and community. Readers know they can look to the Buzz for a sampling of what’s going on in the community along with the relevant history when possible. We include in-depth stories about issues our readers care about, profiles of candidates and questions on your local ballot, and summaries of some of the consequential meetings of Town Boards and Committees. We also feature guest writers on occasion, who share their experiences with different aspects of living in Burlington.

We welcome feedback and story pitches at hello@burlington.buzz. You can also connect at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Why Should I Get a Paid Subscription?

Your voluntary paid subscription, currently $5/month or $50/year, allows the Buzz to continue doing this work and keep the publication free for those who can’t or don’t desire to pay.

You’re also supporting a local business and helping to keep local journalism alive.

The Buzz is a one-of-a-kind daily curated source of information about what’s going on in Burlington. You can find in-depth writeups about the governmental, school, and social issues going on in town, as well as human interest stories and information about select events for families and individuals of all ages. We are agile and receptive to feedback and story pitches, and usually we can make space to cover something that we feel will resonate with readers.

Paid subscribers receive access to podcast episodes a week before the general readership. Currently, that is the only explicit perk to paid membership, but more will be added after the start of 2023, now that we have a good read on what is meaningful for folks.

As you consider whether or not to upgrade to paid, here’s something to think about:

At a rate of one post per day—and there are more than that, particularly during election season—your $50 annual subscription would cost you 14¢ per issue. That’s the time it takes to write and edit each issue, record and edit podcasts, interview folks and gather information for stories, and all the other invisible overhead that goes into running a publication like this.

Hopefully it goes without saying: a paid membership is very much appreciated.

Join the crew

We started from zero and are projected to have over 1,100 subscribers at the end of our first year in operation. And not only are people subscribing to the Buzz, they’re reading and appreciating it. On an October, 2022, survey, 99% of readers said they are Somewhat Satisfied or Very Satisfied with the Buzz overall. Scroll down to see some of the things people are saying.

Welcome to the Buzz, and thanks for being here. You’re gonna like it.

For more from Nicci, including updates about her books and essays, visit her alter ego at Nicci’s Notes.

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