“The Burlington Buzz designed itself to enable the community to actively shape its initiatives, which has formed a positive feedback loop that is essential to increasing civic engagement.” 

—LION Awards 2023 judges on why Burlington Buzz was selected for the Community Engagement Award, Micro Revenue Tier

What’s the Buzz? In a word, you.

Burlington Buzz is the daily news publication connecting Burlington, MA, residents with community information and resources they need to live their best life in our fair town. Founded in February of 2022, the Buzz quickly grew to be a trusted source for news and information about local government and current events in Burlington.

We deliver news that’s important to you in a way that’s easy to understand—and even enjoyable!

At Burlington Buzz, we value curiosity, connection, and community. Readers know they can look to the Buzz to keep up to date with what’s going on in the community and learn about its history and why that matters. Among the Buzz’s offerings:

  • In-depth stories about issues our readers care about

  • Connection with events and resources to improve how we get to know, interact with, and support one another

  • Profiles of candidates and questions on your local ballot

  • Profiles of elected and appointed Boards and Commissions in town (and why you should care!)

  • Easily readable summaries of meetings of elected and appointed government bodies

  • Guest features and podcast episodes where residents, business leaders, and town officials share their unique perspectives on Burlington

Here are some of our community’s most-read Buzz stories from around Burlington since we launched in February, 2022:

Why Should I Go Paid?

The majority of Buzz stories are free to everyone, forever. By joining the Hive, you will be going above and beyond by supporting:

  • Greater civic engagement and community involvement

  • Enhanced access to your elected and appointed officials and their work

  • Vibrant discourse that has nothing to do with national political lines and comes from a place of curiosity and a genuine desire to understand

  • In-depth community listening, reporting, and Hive community events

  • Community-focused news

In addition to supporting a local business and helping to keep local journalism alive, you’ll be invited to take part in exclusive offerings, such as:

  • Advance access to certain products, such as podcast episodes and TownVote, our pilot partnership with the civic platform, VoteLight

  • Exclusive invitations to Hive-only events such as coffee hours

  • The opportunity to be profiled in the Buzz

  • Priority consideration for coverage requests

Your Hive membership allows the Buzz to continue doing this work and keep the publication free for all. And members stick around: Only about 5% of members have unsubscribed over the life of the publication, which means 95% of readers stay around to continue supporting this work.

At a rate of one post per day—and there are more than that, particularly during election season—a $60 annual subscription would cost you 16¢ per issue. That’s the time it takes to write and edit each issue, record and edit podcasts, interview folks and gather information for stories, and all the other invisible overhead that goes into running a publication like this.

Hopefully it goes without saying: a paid membership is very much appreciated. You can join with a $6 weekly or $60 monthly membership, or you can name your own rate over $60 per year.

Can I submit a story, press release, or coverage request?

We welcome feedback, press releases, coverage requests, and story pitches at hello@burlington.buzz. We can’t promise to act on or respond to every email, but we do our best!

Please also follow and interact with us at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Who Are We?

The Buzz’s team consists (for now!) of Nicci Kadilak, Founder, Editor-In-Chief, and Chief Everything Officer. Nicci is a ten-year resident of Burlington with a background in education and creative writing. In addition to creating and nurturing the Buzz, she works as an education consultant and writes stories of all kinds, both true and made-up.

For more from Nicci, including updates about her books and essays, visit her personal newsletter at Nicci’s Notes. And stay tuned to this page for updates to our staff as the Buzz grows!

Welcome aboard

The Buzz started from a single Facebook post and has built a subscriber base of over 1,400 after just 18 months. And not only are people subscribing to the Buzz, they’re reading and appreciating it. On an October, 2022, survey, 99% of readers said they are Somewhat Satisfied or Very Satisfied with the Buzz overall. Scroll down to see some of the things people are saying.

Welcome to the Buzz, and thanks for being here. You’re gonna like it.

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